World Premieres and Independent Horror headline Atlanta’s Buried Alive Film Festival

10th Annual Buried Alive Film Festival brings the best independent horror films from around the world to Atlanta.

An Interview with Buried Alive Film Festival Director Blake Myers

What sets your Horror themed festival apart from others of the same genre?
Our festival is designed to look for the best in underground horror cinema. We are interested in finding filmmakers when they are making their newest and most innovative films that are developing new trends in the horror genre.

What can first time festival attendees expect from your festival?
Some of the most extreme and innovative horror filmmaking from around the world. Whether it's an entirely new concept to the horror genre or a creative take on classic films we love they are all the future of horror films. To celebrate our 10th year we are having a classic screening with our sister program Splatter Cinema! They will be presenting a 40th anniversary screening of Dario Argento's giallo classic, "Deep Red". Everyone should also get a good look at this year's poster from Aaron Crawford at Cavity Colors, it's great art!

Is there something in particular returning festival goers can expect this year?
It's exciting to say that some of the filmmakers we have showcased in the past are back this year to show off their latest efforts. "They Will All Die in Space" is the latest film from Spanish filmmaker Javier Chillon, whose film, "Decapoda Shock" took home the Mind Fuck award in 2012. Norwegian filmmaker Fredrick Hana returns this year with two films, Autumn Harvest and Sister Hell. Hana's film from the festival last year, "Angst, Piss, and Shit" is still haunting festival goers from last year. Our animation program is back and this year it's got puppets. And for the first year ever we have a block dedicated to experimental videos and Music Videos.

What is your favorite Horror film?
Night of the Living Dead. It has always made me want to be involved in films. From making them, to making people watch them. NOTLD is where my love of movies really started.

Can you give Horror filmmakers a piece of advice when making their film?
Do not put a long credit sequence for a bunch of people I have never heard of at the beginning of your film. It kills the momentum of a film. It's like Sam Fuller said, "If the first scene doesn't give you a hard on, Throw it Out!

The Synchronicity Theatre will host the Buried Alive Film Festival, which received over 440 great films from thirty-­two different countries.

The two‐day festival consists of three feature films and sixty-­eight short films. All three  of  the feature films are premiering in the southeast at the Buried Alive Film Festival. Jaron Henrie-McCrea’s New  York  based  feature,  “Curtain” is a cautionary tale about the hidden dangers of  hanging a shower  curtain in a bathroom. “Bunny the Killer Thing”, a Norwegian film from director Joonas Makkonen, takes eco-­horror to some new and bizarre sexual heights.

The closing night Canadian feature “The  Interior”  is Trevor Juras’  festival  favorite chronicling a man losing his mind in the Canadian wilderness.

Two short films will have World Premieres at Buried Alive, Rueben Pla’s “Head” and local filmmaker, Brian Teague’s “1580  AM”. Both filmmakers will be in attendance for a Q&A following the screening.

Four films will be be making their American Premieres: from Mexico, “Zerch” directed by Xavier Velasco; from Argentina, “From the Guts” directed by Leandro Cozzi; from England, “Terry and Brenda” directed by Jamie Hooper; and also from England, Director Abigale Blackmore’s “Vintage Blood”. New for 2015 is the presentation of the very first music video and experimental film program. The popular animation program will now include some puppetry films.

Most notably for the 2015 festival will team up with Atlanta’s only grindhouse movie series, Splatter Cinema, to present a 40th Anniversary screening of Dario Argento’s giallo classic, “Deep  Red”.

This year’s festival lineup is the most diverse selection to date. With films from more countries than ever before, and more films from female directors than ever before, Buried Alive Film Festival continues to search the world over for the latest and the greatest in new independent horror cinema. 

All screenings to take place at Synchronicity Theatre, 1545 Peachtree Street NE #102, Atlanta, GA  30309, November 14th and 15th. Individual screenings are $10 or $50 for an all access weekend pass. For  more information and a full schedule of films,  please visit