Under the Talent Spotlight with Jena Sims

Actress and Philanthropist

Jena Sims is a former Miss Teen Georgia who moved to Hollywood, California to pursue a career in acting and up to this point. Jena has shared the screen with Hollywood Titans like Morgan Freeman and  Robert De Niro. She is best known for "Last Vegas" (2013), "Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader" (2012), and "Dead Reckoning" (2013). Jena has several films that we are excited to see, including "Kill the Messenger" with Jeremy Renner!

Photo Credit Jena Sims IMDb

Photo Credit Jena Sims IMDb

Jena is the head of "Pageant of Hope", a non-profit organization that hosts beauty pageants for children with cancer and other disadvantages. The impact of her charity can be seen on the larger than life smiles on the faces of the kids involved.

"Self confidence is very important in today's society. Feeling beautiful is a part of that. It is imperative for people to understand that beauty is what is on the inside, not the outside. You have to first have inner-beauty to exude outer beauty. It has always been my belief, even through my non-profit organization that I run, that true beauty is not something you can see. Not your weight, height, hair color or physical features. Team True Beauty seems to stand behind that idea and I support it!" Jena Sims.

Jena Sits Down in the Film Fan Hot Seat!

FF: At the movie theater concessions stand. Which do you choose: soda, popcorn or candy?
JS: Does all of the above count? I thoroughly enjoy the movie going experience, especially with the new theaters popping up with full service bar and restaurants. I like to "make a meal of it". Pun intended. 

FF: Movie rental kiosk. Which category do you select first: new release, action, horror, comedy or documentary?
JS: First, I browse the new releases and usually I end up landing on an old comedy classic. I could watch Zoolander and Dumb and Dumber every night for the rest of my life and still laugh. 

FF: What are your top 5 favorite films of all time?
JS: Dumb and Dumber, Step Brothers, Zoolander, Birdman, and Alice in Wonderland

FF: An actor or director whom you haven't worked with yet, but would like to on a future project.
JS: Tina Fey and Will Ferrell.  I keep putting these two actors out there hoping one day the universe will respond! 

FF: Where did you grow up and when was the last time you visited?
JS: I grew up in a small town in Georgia called Winder that’s very charming and green. I believe we have more cows than people! I was there recently visiting my family in early February. When I’m home I have my staple restaurants and I always have to hit the Wal-Mart!

Upcoming Projects

In late January, I worked on a fun film called Three Headed Shark Attack with an amazing list of actors. I also just wrapped up a project for the Entourage movie, and in the next two weeks, I start a new Independent thriller! Stay tuned! This year is only going to get better! 

My Has Been Beauty Queens and myself will also be making a third appearance in Jamaica for my “Pageant of Hope” which is my non profit organization for children with challenges. Be sure to follow along @jenamsims on twitter and instagram for updates.

Thanks y'all!

Jena Sims