The Roswell Film Festival is set to debut!

Roswell Film Festival Director Donovan Fulkerson shares his thoughts about the inaugural RFF!

What sets the Roswell Film Festival apart from other film festivals?
Well, we are the Official UFO Capitol of the World! Seriously, this festival is centered around Features & Shorts in Independent, Documentary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy and NM Based Films. I have designed a judges panel that is eclectic in taste and provides all submitted films a fair chance to be represented. Our judges are diverse in their preferences of art and thus gives us some wonderful comments about the content of submissions. All genres are allowed in our accepted categories. We are creating an art event centered around film that will allow visitors to have an experience throughout our town. Coming years' plans include celebrations of the art of film through exhibits and events and panels.

What can attendees expect from this year's event?
45 Films, 3 Days. Representative of 14 countries. Over 30 filmmakers attending. Panels, Parties, Awards Ceremony and Special Guest Appearances. Opening night re-showing of 50-1 for local charity. All details clearly spelled out on our schedule page of our website.

Is there something in particular that you look for in submissions? Or are there multiple factors?
Finished films are a requirement. Meaning we are looking to showcase completed projects where artists have poured their life into creating a professional product. Judges especially like to see unique ideas or creative takes on common ones. The more polished a film is, the better chance our judges will like the submission. Too many times, independent filmmakers fail to capture quality sound, video and acting and their great idea falls short. We strive to provide our attendees a variety of films that are polished and will entertain them well.

Do you have an interesting memory of a previous festival
We will shortly as this is our inaugural year!

How is your festival received locally?
We are partnered with both our city and county leadership and local businesses are getting geared up for our attendees. Long term goals are seeing local leaders working on ideas to entertain those attending the festival throughout their stay.

Where do you see or would like to see your Festival in 5 years?
Our goal is to provide our guests with an experience to remember over a week long set of events. We will be featuring dozens of films and connecting viewers with filmmakers from all over the world.

What is one piece of advice that you'd give Indie filmmakers producing their first film?
Pay attention to details and don't skimp on audio. Polish is so critical and can make the difference between acceptance or denial. The details include story, acting, editing and audio. Sounds like a given but too many forget to finish the basics and their great idea falls short.