The Film Festival Home’s Talent Spotlight with Bill Oberst Jr.

We are honored to feature actor Bill Oberst Jr. as the first edition of FFH’s Talent Spotlight.

The term “hardest working man in show business” has been thrown around so many times that it has become cliché. With that being said, if an actor deserves the title, Bill Oberst Jr. is “the hardest working man in show business.” Oberst Jr. has over 136 credits to his name on IMDb, with 31 projects in development.

Bill is an 11 time award winning actor including a 2012 Daytime Emmy Award for his performance in “Take This Lollipop.” Mr. Oberst is known for films such as; The Retrieval (2013)Deadly Revisions (2013)Scary or Die (2012) and Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012).  

Oberst Jr. has had a thrilling career so far and with more exciting things to come, we will most definitely be awaiting to see what's in store! For more information about Bill visit his website and track is films on IMDb.

Bill Oberst Jr. steps into the Film Fan Hot Seat!

We polled hundreds of fans across the globe and asked; "What question would you ask your favorite film celebrity?" Here are the top 5 questions answered by Bill Oberst Jr. 

FF: Movie theater's concession stand. Which do you choose: soda, popcorn or candy?
BOJ: Popcorn with no butter. I eat half. Then I feel guilty.

FF: Movie rental kiosk. Which category do you select first: new release, action, horror, comedy or documentary?
BOJ: I rarely rent from a kiosk. I prefer to watch movies at theaters the old-school way.

FF: What are your top 5 favorite films of all time?
BOJ: Amadeus; The Exorcist; Jesus Of Montreal; Gone With The Wind and Casablanca.

FF: Name an actor or director whom you haven't worked with yet, but would like to on a future project.
BOJ: Michael Caine

FF: Where did you grow up and when was the last time you visited?
BOJ: I grew up in rural SC and just enjoyed a wonderful Christmas there.