The End of Days Film Festival is Uniquely Apocalyptic

An interview with EOD Festival Director Trent Duncan

What sets the End of Days Film Festival apart from other film festivals?
The End of Days Film Festival is unique in the fact that it focuses mainly on apocalyptic themed films that portray an imminent threat to an individual, society, or the world. We love gritty and creative films that showcase a filmmaker's ability to think outside the box.

What can attendees expect from this year's event?
The 2017 Festival will be held in October and feature a variety of Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, Action, and Drama films from around the world. We may even be teaming with a few other film festivals to offer a larger variety of films over a longer period of time.

You just announced this year's nominees. Is there something in particular that you look for in submissions? Or are there multiple factors?
Multiple factors center around our submission process, but we start by looking for films that portray an imminent threat to an individual, society, or the world. Once they meet those criteria, we look for films with an apocalyptic theme. Aside from that, we love films with a well developed and compelling storyline. Here are the 2016 award winners.

Do you have an interesting memory of a previous festival?
Our live streaming was a big hit with teams around the world. We received messages and videos showing cast and crew members of nominated films watching the live streaming of our award ceremony.

How is your festival received by fans of the horror genre?
The horror genre was the 2nd largest submission category for our festival behind sci-fi films. We love horror films that step outside the realm of traditional horror and add a unique and apocalyptic feel to their film. We had many zombie film submissions that portrayed an apocalyptic future in unique ways. We definitely welcome horror films and hope to get more horror filmmakers on board in the coming years.

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Where do you see or would like to see your Festival in 5 years?
In 5 years, we would like our festival to grow to a 3-4 day event that features filmmaker panels, meet & greets, networking sessions, and an epic after party. Apocalyptic themed movies and tv shows are growing in popularity and we're ready for the flood of great indie films that will be spawning from that movement.

Can you give Indie Filmmakers some advice on producing their first film?
The best advice I can give filmmakers producing their own film will be to keep it short and simple. We received many films that were around 15 minutes in length but had a storyline that could of been told in about 6-8 minutes. For every 15 minute film, we can accept 3 five minute films. If your film is over 15 minutes, you are now competing with films that have budgets upwards of $50,000. So, keep it short and simple.


View the winners of EOD Film Festival 2016 HERE

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