Silver Springs International Film Festival debuts ‘Vaxxed’ as Tribeca and Houston cave to censorship

An Interview with Silver Springs International Film Festival Director Greg Thompson.

What sets the Silver Springs International Film Festival apart from other film festivals?
First and foremost, our deep connection our community. We gift back a substantial portion of our profits to scholarships, classroom grants and local film incentives. We have also forged some great partnerships with other festivals like Equus Film Festival and Shriekfest LA, to provide our festival-goers with the best experience possible.

This year is the 3rd annual SSIFF. How has the festival grown from the inaugural festival in 2014?
We have gone from a three day festival to a week-long event. Our budget has doubles, ticket sales are up, sponsorships are up, filmmaker attendance is up - we have enjoyed steady, substantial growth on every level.
The film "Vaxxed" will be making its International Festival debut after Tribeca pulled the film. Can you tell us the story behind SSIFF accepting the honors to debut the film?
We were given an opportunity to screen the film and thought it was well-made and that there was no reason not to screen it - the group that screened it included citizens, festival board members and community leaders from varying demographics. We reached out and were honored to be chosen out of many festivals who were pitching for the opportunity, based our inquiry and mission statement.

What day and time will festival goers need to be in attendance to watch "Vaxxed"?
Sunday, April 10, 1:00pm panel at The Brick City Center for the Arts at 23 Broadway Street, Ocala, FL 34471.
Sunday, April 10, 7:00pm and 9:15pm screenings at the Historic Marion Theatre in downtown Ocala, FL.

What can attendees expect from this year's festivities?
Great films, parties and seminars!!! Great opportunities to share and network with other industry people.


Where do you envision SSIFF in 5 years?
Able to draw the best independent cinema in the world and become a powerful voice for independent film.


Please share one piece of advice for filmmakers who are planning to submit their film for next year's SSIFF.
Just make the best film you can. We love and respect all genres and cherish our filmmakers.

SSIFF 2016