Interview with Award Winning Actor and Filmmaker Ivan Peric

Winner of the Best Actor and Best Narrative Feature Film Honors at the 2015 Follow Your Dreams Film Festival

FF: Was there an inspirational moment or an idea that made you want to make your film?‎ 
IVAN: I had booked an acting gig on a music video and it was probably one of my worst experiences on set. The production was disorganized, wait times were extremely long and there was no food or water on set. ‎I was just so frustrated. So out of sheer frustration and boredom I pulled out my notepad and started writing. Most people have no idea what kind of ridiculous situations actors are constantly being put through, so I started writing about my experiences as an actor and found myself laughing all by myself in the waiting room. By the end of the day, even though I was starving, I had an outline for a comedy feature film.

FF: Aside from normal production issues. Did you overcome any obstacles while completing the film?
IVAN: Other than the financial burden of self financing a feature film, there was the stress and anxiety. This is something all filmmakers have to learn to cope with. ‎Most of us have full time jobs, bills to pay and relationships to maintain, so ‎just balancing your everyday life with working on a big project such as a feature film can be very stressful. If you can overcome that then you're all good.

FF: What camera(s) did you shoot your film with?
IVAN: Canon 7d

FF: Which role are you most comfortable with on set?
IVAN: Throughout the years I've probably performed every job on a film set, therefore I am very comfortable directing because I understand everyone's role. I am aware or everyone's functions and challenges. Once you understand that it's much easier to lead the team. I'm also pretty comfortable acting.

FF: Do you have a favorite film genre?
IVAN: Not really. It all depends of my mood. I pretty much like everything except for those overly gory horror films.

FF: What piece of advice would you give to filmmakers making their first film?
IVAN: There is so much I can say here because I've learned so much making my first feature, and that's exactly what it is, a learning experience‎. Your first film will not be perfect, but that's OK because this is a craft and you get better with time and practice. So make mistakes, experiment and enjoy the journey. Know your audience.‎ Make films for the audience and not for yourself. Most people don't want to see a  pretentious abstract black and white film. Make films that will inspire the audience, that will make them laugh, cry, scream or even dance. Learn how to tell a story with rich characters. You can have the most beautiful images  with the best VFX, but if your characters are flat and you don't  have an engaging story, well your movie will suck. Don't make movies for the fame and fortune, make movies because that is your passion and you love it, because most likely the fame and fortune will not come. And lastly, DONT GIVE UP.

FF: Can you tell us what to expect from you in the near future?
IVAN: I am currently collaborating with my actor BFF Tarek Gader on a feature ‎film. I can't say much right now but it's very exciting. This will be the third film we collaborate on. If all goes well we will start shooting very soon. I am also writing another feature screenplay that I hope to shoot next year. You can always follow me on or twitter @theivanperic for my latest updates. And check out my movie TOO TALL on !  

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