Indie Film Playoff: ‘The next step in the evolution of cinematic history’

An intriguing introduction into The Indie Film Playoff

Tell us a little about the Indie Film Playoff.

The Independent Film Playoff (IFP) is the next step in the evolution of cinematic history. In making the art of film more competitive and the discovery of a true winning films less complicated 8 directors of 8 film festivals came together and agreed to have their best films compete against each other in a never before endeavor of film festival vs. film festival showdown. The IFP is unique because film festivals currently act autonomously. The IFP is a ruling committee made up of members of the Festival Authority (8 Festival Directors) who operate in sync to provide a Playoff system similar to the FIFA World Cup, NCAA Final Four or NFL Playoff to determine which festival has the best film and in that attempt solicit the attention of distributors with the filmmakers of that winning film’s best intention at heart. Not only does this model provide a more competitive reboot to the decaying festival system but it also provides a more transparent and accessible means of decision making determined by the viewing audience.

What sets the Indie Film Playoff apart from other film festivals?

The IFP was created to revamp the corroding Festival standard. A typical festival experience is: submit, get an official selection, get a laurel, screen, win or not win and after that nothing else happens. A lot of Films have posters full of laurels from a gang of film festivals that mean absolutely nothing and most of the time these films that win at these festivals have no proven wins nor does the film gain any distribution or attention. The IFP not only details that you’ve won but it proves how many films your film has faced one on one, your win loss record and marketability status. This eliminates the headache for distributors looking for the top core films. It’s proven verification of just how good a film really is and revitalizes the film festival competition system into something much more exciting, edgy and unpredictable.

indie-film-playoffWhat can attendees expect from this year's event?

The IFP will hold its Red carpet Gallas and workshop/ Q&A sessions with Independent filmmakers and Producers along with the National Championship screening, we look forward to a great event.

Do you have an interesting memory of a previous festival?

The IFP last year was a hit, Regal Cinemas at LA. LIVE was good grounds to hold the first National Championship, great press and great guests and to see two great films go at it down to the wire really made the experience feel like we were at the Super Bowl!

How is your festival received locally?

Great reception, the film community is slowly starting to realize the worth of the IFP and how exciting it can be, think about it, imagine the NBA without the Finals or NCAA Basketball without the Final Four, NFL without the Superbowl, there has to be more to submitting to Festivals besides getting an Official Selection and some frivolous laurels. We have to make the Festival Circuit more exciting, There’s a lot of festivals out there, too many festivals to be honest and the laurels are becoming more and more meaningless it’s almost like College Football’s bowl game system where even a losing record gets you into a bowl game, that’s what the several thousand existing festivals are doing. It’s about time we put good films to the test against great films and reward them for their endurance.

Where do you see or would like to see your Festival in 5 years?

I see the IFP being just as Big if not Bigger than the Oscars. Let’s admit it, a lot of Indie Filmmakers will never get a shot at the Oscars but the Playoff here will put them on a level playing field and recognize their work on a higher Awards platform.

Can you give Indie Filmmakers some advice on producing their first film?

Be like Nike and JUST DO IT! And if you’re good enough we’ll be seeing you at the Playoff.