Filmmakers! The Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival returns to Sin City

The Lift-Off Film Festival returns to Las Vegas with one of their 6 international events, The Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival. Lift-Off Film Festivals are; "Dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists in an unbiased environment and free from any commercial pressures." The good news for filmmakers is that there is still time to submit your film into the Las Vegas event!

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The Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival was set-up as a creative escape for the pure talent that exists inside the Vegas Indie filmmaking community, the state of Nevada, Middle America and beyond. As ambitious festival directors we look around the world for cities with cultural depth outside of the norm. Many outsiders see Las Vegas as this destination for gambling and bachelor parties, and that’s true of the strip, but in fact Vegas has a much deeper core, and very visceral and highly creative filmmaking community. Over the years we have seen, especially in America this big push by festivals to become Oscar replicas, boasting red carpets, d-list celebs, PR bookers and nothing else more – when film festivals go this way the people who loose are the filmmakers. It is a delusional ambition and one, which has nothing to do with art or the development of an indie filmmaker’s career. We saw this first hand when we visited Las Vegas five years ago – and it was at this point that we promised to establish one of our festivals there.


Insight with one of Lift-Off Film Festival founders James Bradley

FF: What can the filmmakers and attendees expect from this year's Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival?

JB: Not a red carpet that’s for certain – but an exceptional showcase of the best we can find within the world of indie cinema. We will be screening for four nights at the Brenden Theater at the Palms Casino Resort, with three voting nights and then a winners evening where we will handing out trophies to the winners our audience have voted for. The winners will receive full season official selections at Los Angeles, Amsterdam, London, Liverpool and Tokyo Lift-Off’s.

FF: The saying goes, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Can you bend that rule a bit and tell us something that happened at last year's event?

JB: We had most of the filmmaking community from the city in attendance and there was a real buzz around the festival, it felt, very much, that what we are doing at Lift-Off is really of benefit to the epic talent which is there, and of course around the world!

FF: Is it too late for Filmmakers to submit their projects?

JB: Nope we are still accepting entries.

Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival
11th Annual
June 21 – 27, 2015