Don’t close your eyes; the Atlanta Horror Film Festival scares begin tonight!

Atlanta Horror Film Festival Director Monet Rumford explains what makes AHFF unique to the horror community.

What sets your Horror themed festival apart from others of the same genre?
Atlanta Horror Film Festival screens everything from big budget and no budget projects from across the world in a relaxed, down-to-earth atmosphere where filmmakers are given the opportunity to connect and receive feedback from our audience.

What can first time festival attendees expect from your festival?
Over 70 award-winning films will be presented, along with special events, like our closing party

Is there something in particular returning festival goers can expect this year?
Each year, our film selections get better and better. This year, we will showcase only the top 10 percent of entries received, making this year's event the best collection of films we have ever presented.

What is your favorite Horror film?
I'm a big fan of the original Halloween movies, and even have a special place in my heart for the Rob Zombie remakes, although nothing can top John Carpenters original.

Please give Horror filmmakers a piece of advice when making their film.
Edit, edit, and edit again. In this day and age where everyone has a short attention span, remember the audience when editing, and pick up the pace however you can.

The Man in the Shadows Trailer

You’re invited to the closing party!


The 9th Annual Atlanta Horror Film Festival celebrates the art of horror as we showcase the very best independent horror films from across the world held October 28 - 30, 2015 at doogallery in Atlanta, Georgia.

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