Chloe Rose shines under the Talent Spotlight!

Chloe Rose Sundance 2015

Chloe Rose is a talented young actress with an extremely bright future ahead of her. Chloe was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, becoming immersed in acting as a teenager. 

Chloe has shined in her roles in films such as Degrassi:TNG (2012), Hellions (2015), The Lesser Blessed (2012) and Rookie Blue (2011).

Stay updated with Chloe's projects via Twitter @chloerose4 and Instagram @rosechloe4.

Chloe sits down in the Film Fan Hot Seat!

FF: What are your top 5 favorite films of all time?
CR: Amelie, Broken Circle Breakdown, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Hanna, and Her.

FF: An actor or director whom you haven't worked with yet, but would like to on a future project.
CR: Tatiana Maslany. 

FF: Where did you grow up and when was the last time you visited?
CR: Toronto, and I'm here currently shooting a movie! 

FF At the movie theater concessions stand. Which do you choose: soda, popcorn or candy?
CR: Popcorn. But if I'm feeling bold, I might add some peanut m&ms.

FF: Movie rental kiosk. Which category do you select first: new release, action, horror, comedy or documentary?
CR: It really depends on my mood, but most likely new releases or a doc.