An interview with ‘Drug Mule’ film Director John Ad Castillo

John Ad Castillo and his experience filming the Award Winning feature film Drug Mule

Was there an inspirational moment or an idea that made you want to make your film?
The film Drug Mule was inspired by the numerous cases of Filipinos being lured to become drug couriers until they become victims in the end. This movie serves as a warning to those who will attempt to bite into this dangerous illegal trade as numerous theatrical screenings have been shown to university students in the Philippines.

Aside from normal production issues. Did you overcome any obstacles while completing the film?
The obstacles that I have to dealt with is the budget constraint as I have to finish the scenes in a very short period of time. The most stressful part for me as the director is I have to finish the "bus scene" in a day. The actors and the rest of the talents rehearsed their part in the morning and we started filming at 1 pm. And the real police officers we needed for the scenes are all in standby. In the end I finished all the scenes in 12 hours.

What camera(s) did you shoot your film with?
The Canon DSLR camera was useful as I used handheld shots in most of the scenes.

Which role are you most comfortable with on set?
Directing movies is very stressful but I like doing it as a sort of passion. Some says directing film is an unobtainable skill and partly I agree with that. The main ingredient to become one is to develop and enhance one's creativity which we all have.

Do you have a favorite film genre?
I don't have a particular genre as I am planning to do a drama, horror and  a gay movie at that.


"They said that movies are reflections of life. We totally agree as we ventured to make DRUG MULE as an advocacy film to showcase the plight of overseas Filipinos workers who are lured into this dangerous illegal trade. This serves as a warning not to become victims themselves on their own undoing." Director John Ad Castillo