Actress Katie Ryan, From the Canvas to the Big Screen

YouTube Tiny Cinema's Basic Instinct

Katie Ryan in the Film Fan Hot Seat

FF: At what age did you know you wanted to be an actor?
KR: I didn't really know that I wanted to be an actor until I was 26. I was a painter all my life. 
FF: Where did you grow up and when was the last time you visited?
KR: Orlando, FL- I was there less than a month ago visiting family
FF: At the movie theater concessions stand. Which do you choose: soda, popcorn or candy?
KR: Popcorn/ soda combo. Gummy Bears if I'm feeling sassy.
FF: Movie rental kiosk/app. Which category do you select first: new release, action, horror, comedy or documentary?
KR: None of these really. I'll always go straight to Drama section first. 
FF: What are your top 5 favorite films of all time?


  • Wizard of Oz
  • Blue Valentine
  • Amadeus
  • There Will Be Blood
  • Take Shelter
FF: An actor or director whom you haven't worked with yet, but would like to on a future project.
KR: Derek Cianfrance would be the ultimate dream. Hearing about how he works with actors is what keeps me getting out of bed every morning. Jeff Nichols, Barry Jenkins and PTA would also be what dreams are made of.
FF: What projects are you currently working on?
KR: I'm mainly working on a comedic Instagram Webseries called Tiny Cinema. Twice a week we release a "nightmare" of a video. My friends and I shoot these dramatic, comedic and horrific shorts under 1 minute and they are really starting to get a lot of attention. 
FF:Where can fans stay updated with you on Social Media? 
KR: On Instagram: @katieryanartdotcom and @tiny_cinema

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